1622611_690471760989686_1964361450_nBorn in St. Louis, Missouri, Sharpe always dreamed of being a rock star. He took up drums in 1982 and was in his first band called The Frustrated in 1984… Upon realizing this dream was easier said than done he opted for plan B, play the music rock stars record on the radio and get paid for it.

Sharpe has always lived the Rock N Roll lifestyle. So what better job than Rock N Roll DJ could there be for him. His dream job is afternoons at KSHE 95 in St. Louis. In 1987 he enrolled in The Broadcast Center St. Louis, learning what was to become his life’s trade from local industry professionals.

In 1988 he was sent to do an internship at KSMO in Salem Missouri. He was fired 3 weeks into it. Upon returning to Broadcast Center he was informed that he had two job placement possibilities, one in Kodiak, Alaska and the other in Marianna, Arkansas. Upon declining both offers, Sharpe was asked to leave the school and not to return.

91His parents had just moved from St. Louis to Conway, Arkansas and at the age of 20 Sharpe found himself moving there too and living under their wing again. But he wasn’t going to give up on radio just yet. He contacted Alan Caudell at KUCA, a radio station on the campus of The University Of Central Arkansas, about coming in and doing some part time work. But it was so close to school being back in session Caudell didn’t need the help. But he did offer a job opening lead. Magic 105 was looking to hire a couple of part timers so Sharpe jumped into action and put together his resume and audition tape.

Sharpe at Magic 105 1988

Sharpe at Magic 105 1988

He sent his stuff in to Tom Wood who inside of a week called him in for an interview it was a week after that before Wood called Sharpe back to offer him a ground level on air job at Magic 105. At the time this was THE rock radio station, serving central Arkansas with 100,000 watts of power! Sharpe would come in on Saturday mornings at 6, do a one hour radio show before running the board for special shows including “Reelin’ In The Years”. On Sunday he would come in and do an hour and a half show before running religious programming and The Doctor Demento Show.

Sharpe grabbed some Magic 105 letterhead and an envelope and began to write a letter to Broadcast Center St. Louis. In it he thanked them for the education he received yada yada yada…if you read between the lines he was politely giving them the finger. He went on to mention that he was hired to do mornings at Magic 105 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Not once did he say Saturday and Sunday. Broadcast Center sends Sharpe his degree in Broadcasting!

Since his Arkansas radio career began in 1988 he has held almost every part-time and full-time on air job there is except mid-days. In 2008 Magic 105 died as some other legendary classic rockers did…at the age of 27. Hendrix, Joplin and Morrison all died at this age. Kind of ironic that this once great station would go away at this very same age.

image006-34sharpe993_CARD_front_edited-1Shortly after joining the ranks of the unemployed in 2008, he was offered a position at The Point 94.1 doing afternoons with program director Mike Kennedy. In 2011 this duo would move into mornings then Sharpe released into the wild again in July of 2012. This happened right before the new ratings book came out showing that the new morning show had taken the morning ratings from #9 to #3 in the 18 month they were given. Still to this day, he doesn’t know why he was suddenly released without warning. He really enjoyed working at The Point and still has a lot of friends over there.

He spent a year running a radio station named after him (Sharpe 99.3) until new ownership decided not to pay his salary. Citing that piped in shows and no local DJ would be the better idea. Now he is taking all he has learned from 25 years of ups and downs in radio to help businesses both big and small with their marketing needs. With Sharpe Creative Advertising Solutions And More!


… and the rest of the story has yet to be written…STAY TUNED!

“You can take the boy away from the Rock N Roll, but you can never take the Rock N Roll away from the boy!”